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Lantern of hapiness

New Riga symbol of happiness!

Orient in search of Lantern of happiness plaque with the names of sights in different languages. It hangs on the front wall of the restaurant and hotel Old Riga Hotel Vecriga. To find the lights, you need to raise your eyes higher and look at the firewall at home. Laimes Laterna is displayed under it. The lantern is electric, but its purpose is not to illuminate the street and the entrance to the restaurant under him, but to serve as a symbol.

The background of the emergence of the new Riga attractions, as told to the writer Vladimir Goy, the following: a few years ago I met an elderly foreigner, whose ancestors were in Riga blacksmiths. He willingly shared his memories, including the magical legend of the lantern — the Lantern of happiness, One of the ancestors of this man were doing things that was thought to bring good luck and happiness. He himself was not very happy in my personal life. Somehow he appeared in a dream his ancestor and said, "You're a blacksmith. Made your own happiness yourself." Waking up, he was thinking a lot about these words and decided to forge a Lantern of happiness. A lot of people gathered to see the new work of a blacksmith. And a young woman nearby turned to him with a question: "Who made this lamp?" "I do," replied the blacksmith. So they met and soon were married. After that, word got out that this lantern brings happiness.

Told and became the basis for the creation of Lantern of happiness. The light that burns in this lantern symbolizes that happiness in a pocket will not put and in his bosom not hide. 

With the advent of the lantern, phrase, every man is the architect of his own hapiness, will be a significant