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The history of hotel building is integral part of the history of Riga. Their history begins together with the first laid stones, which are preserved in one of the inner walls of “Vecriga”. This wall has been built more than 700 years ago. It carries the history of the times, when the concern about safety was on the first place. This sense of security is transferred to the guests of the hotel.

The building itself is one of the oldest in the town. The first reference of it dates back to 1214, when a port of entry to the city was located in its place. Riga port of entry was located in it at the end of 14th century.  In 1677 the customs house has been relocated and a new street, which settled artists and goldsmiths, has been paved.

Goldsmith’s workroom has been located in the contemporary hotel building. The nobles of those times were often visiting it and ordered expensive crockery and jewelry. During the reconstruction in 1970, in the old wall of the restaurant “Birka” a cache of gold and jewelry has been found. In another cache was a sword not less than two hundred years old.

            The building has been reconstructed several times and it acquired its present view in 1712. By that time the city became the regional center of the Northern Silk Road and, therefore, trade. Afterwards, the famous goldsmith settled here. He was directly connected with Salomon Heine – the uncle of Rockefeller, the famous banker and the richest man in Europe of those times.  This fact is evidenced by the correspondence and yellowed letters found in a hiding place during the last reconstruction in 1998. These letters are rare examples of this level of correspondence of those times, and the secrets they hold, perhaps, will forever remain a mystery. Our visitors can get acquainted with the samples in the small museum of the hotel.

Hotel “Vecriga” has opened its doors in 1999 and has since become one of the favorite places for people, who appreciate comfort, homeliness and personal attention.